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Donnie Kisselbach- Bassist, vocalist, songwriter, producer, musical director...a man of many muses, talents & noms de plume. Known over the years as Don Van Donn, Donnie Ice, Donnie Nice, D-Wrecks, D-Train, The Don, Dr. Bach, Donman, D-man and, yes: Donnie the ‘K’, suffice it to say he remains a man in a constant state of flux.

Welcome to Donnie’s Vault!

Take a stroll through his decades, beginning with piano lessons at age 8 to his first Slingerland drum kit at 12 (from Santa) in 1965 and his first Ampeg bass amp at age 14 (Summer 1968) bought with hard-earned grass-mowing/snow-shoveling/paper delivery dough. Our Hero had bribed his Dad to drive him from the family hometown of Easton, PA to Rondo Music in Union, NJ to get those discounted “New York prices, Daaaad.”

His 1st original song to be recorded, 15-yr-old Donnie wrote 'You' and recorded it at Pete Helffrich's studio in Macungie, PA © 2012 D.W. Kisselbach

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